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-- that shit is cruel ----> 0.55% message from god to sam! 1 of 2 homos know 2 fags fucking 10k worth of steroids + 16 inch arms = knows more than you 27yo with 50yo vajayjay 50 year old dork goes to movie theatre alone 100lbs too light for ali a buttfucker of fine mens everywhere actually was ladyboy nut juice admin's asshole a footlong doesn't even touch the side of stillettos stretched out abyss ali's chair actually collapsed when amused sat in it ali's code is no women under 250lbs ali's energy drink=lying fat girl pussy juice ali's girlfriend ali's girlfriends always wear xxxl sweaters ali's not in the show because it's about men ali baba and the 40 bread rolls ali going out hogging ali has a taste for fish that is amuse-ing ali has bigger boobs than shwing ali has bigger udders than any woman in this sticky ali invents new martial art-chu fat quim ali is 12 months pregnant with a food baby ali liked to eat amused more than hormel ali not joking about being a closet homo ali perfecting new crossfat routine ali prefers to eat and date pork ali remembers his taste of fat moose knuckle ali set world record when he benched amused ali transitioning from fat chicks to big dicks? ali usually eats amused for turkey day ali wants paige on a high carb diet before he bangs her ali was erect for amused ali was on the tail end of a fat girl gang bang ali would never miss a meal amuse tags are slowly killing ali anal jihad incuming animals don't die of aids another gay bar bites the dust another h-o thread is dominated by closeted pedos another hey everyone look how strong i am thread another pedo thread...but they're canucks another retarded thread by ty another successful gay relationship another trolling post fail for oma apparently several people care are we stuck with nipple and salami jokes in every thread forever? as a mother shwing is level 3 asshole dines with nuts at least neils doesn't fuck fat whores at this point dk is willing to be gay b2k is gonna be rich baby jesus told dk to condemn taylor swift baby rapist ball juice is rqh's soup of choice bangs old ladies for a place to stay bastille does them bastille is tired of manglers manpussy bc would eat chilli straight from his sils ass bearcat's dick tastes like candy bearcat blows monkeys bearcat doesnt understand tags bearcat drinks all day and ruins his familys business bearcat faps to branch warren while watching stephen colbert bearcat is a cock-smoke bearcat is a faggot! bearcat is a liberal faggot bearcat owns tech company cant find text on a webpage bearcat stealing ali's thunder bearcats wife started and runs the business bearcat wishes he could be like johnny bearfag and neils have degrees in dumbass bearscat is retarded big news do drugs bloody semen passed off as yogurt bobby probably alternates sucking the cocks with his wife bolex breeds niggers boyfriend of the year bragging about being the best nigger brewster bigger than rqh in 2 weeks no sauce budding bromance bunch of crybabies burgundy's the balls burrito with semen sauce but gay movies are the fabulousest but he doesn't fuck fat jailbirds but jaybo never fucked amused buys gifts for men in japan cack can't afford watches cant afford windshield wipers but triples gas cost can we get someone to dust the blinds? can you imagine working for kleenex? fuck that commie bastard! casio's mama did drugs look at him casio's mom sucks d's to afford to do drugs casio is a sissy of george clooney proportions casio not as fat as ali's woman cawk chad is going to get cosbied cheat on girlfriend who supports him? cheops is a fucking dick child molester cliffs: black cunts cliffs: rqh disappearing in a huff for another 3 months again soon cock come on new year's eve! coming soon black tops white bottoms 3 cosmo 7 jobs so far this year cosmo about to get unsolicited mail and magazine subscriptions cosmo and 2 cups cosmo angry over being outed cosmo bitchfest cosmo blows shit up boston-style cosmo bombed boston in a drunken rage then forgot about it cosmo brags about being an alcoholic... again cosmo buys lobster tails on ebt cosmo comes out in this thread cosmo drinks a gallon of vodka before noon cosmo furious about recipe omission cosmo got candy at the holiday shelter cosmo hang yourself with a dick cosmo has a man crush cosmo hijacks another thread to brag about being a fuckup cosmo his another homerun cosmo in denial cosmo is a ginger rambo cosmo is a jaffa cosmo is allen from two and a half men cosmo is cheating on the q in jail cosmo is closet bottom cosmo is looking for a new sugar momma cosmo is quite gay cosmo just figured out how to use tags cosmokramer needs help cosmo loves semen cosmo picked up a gallon after reading this thread cosmo piledrivb drew... cosmo posed for goatse cosmo proud of alcoholism no job in future at this rate cosmos anus is quivering for the qs tip cosmo says not enough dicks cosmos favorite snack is chocolate covered raisins cosmos food stamps about to be cut cosmos job lasts as long as a full vodka bottle cosmos liver wants a new host for christmas cosmos pickled brain can't keep up cosmo the wild man of the woods cosmo visits walmart after hitting at the casino cosmo wants new liver for christmas cosmo will be by shortly to 1 up mang cosmo will come here and 1 up shwing cosmo works part time 2 weeks starts giving life advice cosmo would hit that could docd sell insurance? counting dks girlfriends requires dividing by 0 cum farts cunts! cute little guy dani beats her kids deal with your pain detective derp llllmmmmmffffaaaaaoooooo dick cheese pizza did drugs and is now thinking of space n shit difference between an alcoholic and oma=none difficult to make fun of michaels women because they dont exist divorce over bacon dk's pedo thread dk bags a 7 - talks about it for 20 years while banging nothing else again dk cannot even afford gas for free play at a casino at age 50 dk can only afford cans of tuna fish at age 50 dk cant afford restaurants at the age of 50 dk doesn't gamble or fuck fat chicks dk dreams of a place where being xtian and gay are both ok dk forgot what a woman feels like dk is a mad racist dk is still terrified of vagina dk jerks off to eharmony profiles dk makes his own clothes dk routinely destroys professional fighters with his great strength and size dk too self-absorbed to truly love dk uses his tears as lube dk will never fuck an attractive woman again dk will never go out again certainly not with a female dk would destroy neils even though neils was an amatuer boxing champion docd and oma want to suck each other's dicks docd is a bitch and a pussy docd is a quack docd is calling chinese hospitals and asking about chinese delivery docd is gayer than cosmo licking rqh's asshole docd is gettin bitched out by a canadian docd would get his ass beat by a faggot docd would suck bbs's cock to get out of ok for a weekend doc steals sperm samples from the hospital do drugs do drugs linux do drugs linux they are your friend do drugs mangler do drugs mmkay do drugs they'll seem less gross does oma really think he's winning this debate? doin drugs always made driving better too rgr doll has flabby arms would not hiit doll is hotter than ali's woman amused don't run from it donkey has freudian sex donkey has freudian slip dont fucking start morgue. cosmo is not in the mood dosnt work eats lobsters do the meth do they sell those at wallmaks next to the frozen peas? dp longs to be a power bottom dp only skill is speaking english drinking ladyboy semen=tummy ache drinks real semen drugged up & looking for anal beads duff mckagan did drugs dumbass dumb hoe make me a sammich or you get the cushion again dungeons & dragons for jocks eating dick on the way to the gym even if rqh wasnt gay hed be a faggot faggots have terrible hairlines fag nigs cannot swim fags have no taste fat ass ali knows his food fat boy who fucks jailbird fatties hating on movie stars fat chick thrilla still hating on tatum fat fairy fat feet fat gay jig feet too wide(read fat) to fit the shoes flash gordon > shawshank all day every day forum full of cock goblins franco matlock frank's feminine wrists and wide hips frank is clinically obese frank thinks no-one here has seen what 275/280/285/290/295(what weight is he today) looks like freak fucking frizzo projects his own obesity onto others fucked up priorities fucking clueless git up in hurr fucking lazy and wont work fuckin hate knights in white satin its fucking terrible fuck me that cunt is stoopid! fuck my nipple galaxy whale watching do drugs gang leader beleaguered by stalker gay men praise gay movies gay night out ruined gay projection get a life get your shit together ginger ale ginger fuckface ginger likes dick gingers cant produce pigment but they latch on to 60 year old ladies as parasites ginger thermonuclear explosion incoming! girlfriend?? girlfriend old enough to be mom girlfriend or mom? girl says hi - runs to the internet to tell everyone girls way too thin and honest for ali godammit god shut you out go fuck your mother going to continue cheating on her? good time for cosmo to cheat on gf go outside and freeze to death gop members call for supporters to occupy cosmos house got what she deserved granny porn grown man starts harry poter thread bails out iron man guy hash browns for cock itt hasn't lost his alcohol has your wife gagged on another guys cock lately? he'll drop out he's all kinds of relentless. he is still trying to figure it out scroll down dumb fuck we are down here! he just aspires to be help burgundy decide hey linux do drugs hgh's son's farts wouldn't make noise hgh bring racism into shit again hgh can only have butt babies hgh defends a fellow homo hgh defends pedos right to live hgh is a sissy poo poo girly man hgh will never have kids his compulsion is sickness and sickness is strong hiv positive hobag dumped on nye sends pics to 70 yr old man from internet ho braces for first titty-baby jihad by ali holly hunter has a penis homosexual fixations how about a play with your mom? how fat is cosmos slut? how will it feel to kill yourself casio? http://25.media.tumblr.com/3f7af2ae41b809c34ce09c51210ca4b1/tumblr_mgg8ctk4mr1s3481mo1_400.gif http://www.reddit.com/r/askreddit/comments/1nwcod/how_do_you_cope_with_being_lonely/ hung over i'm gonna do drugs from now on i didn't know cosmo was a hog farmer i dove off the balcony into dk's ass if fucking fat lying thieves was a job then ali would be the ceo i fucked your moma i have a big wang illness from drinking too much semen incest cosmo i promise that i never fucked the fat girl is ass spaghetti a gay dish? is eating cock healthy? isn't this supposed to be the other way around? it has been a decade since dk touched a woman i think you mean hulking musclefaggot itt cosmo brags about his substance abuse it took neils 3 tries to spell "iq" itt trop is devoid of emotion i would read it and pay big money for it! jdub's parents did drugs just look at his five head jdub's parents did drugs loo at his five head j dubs paernts did drugs look at his 5head joe "no job" cosmo joe "not the" plumber or anything else for that matter joe couch potato could handle sugar better with hgh/igf and test joe should beat her up and go to jail where he belongs joes last ebt purchase before starting work is a retarded turkey left in the supermarket joes old lady who pays his bills only lets him eat canned soup because he doesnt work joe stuck a potato in his ass to make vodka joe the housewife just day dreamz just do drugs instead of drinking just got off the phone with the clinic just like the time joe got fired from his imaginary job just to have sex kids make men fags kid toucher knock knock? kurt cobain was faggotass sissy boy no talent hack ladyboy dick? lazy welfare nigger leaving room for meal of semen later liberal jackass lick my scrotum and anus linus is a nigger linux admin only fucker that is clueless linux chokes cosmos chicken too linux is a commie! linux is a informant living like a baller has roommate looking for a pity party lt pike is a nigger lying fat slob macros>10k worth of hormones made up story making shit up mangler's a tard hater. mangler's pussyass is like a porn star michael's girlfriends...don't exist millionaire plumber lolololol mitch dodged a bullet more beta than a fighting fish more impressive that ali lifted amused morgu and oma derail another thread with their gay flirting morgue benched 310 once but like a tree falling alone in the forest no one saw it morgue has a gay mohawk morgue is a nigger faggot with gyno and small lats morgue is creative morgue is sucking cock in a unisex bathroom somewhere in manhattan club trying to score more weed. morgue loses the music argument again morgue said trop is bow-legged morgue somehow makes 210 out of shape look like 160 out of shape mr 47% mr 47% makes another great thread must be okay to fuck fatties in nj must come in extra wide plus size my appendix burst someone call a designer my mom said hai guyz needs more attention then shwing neils again telling everyone he has a big cock neils and drb2k are bi curious neils and ty fap together neils has a weird boner neils is feeling confident after another night of betraying his wife neils is ty's retarded younger brother neils is upset school is cutting into his time being single neils loves dat sth american ass neils massive head houses tiny brain neils needs more attention then zig neils would lose a spelling bee to a nigger or a mexican 3rd grader never learns niggers niggers hatin on ranch nines and dimes on rough times nobody cares what you ate or where you were nobody in the household works no business lecturing others no fat enough for ali nogas no i wasn't no plan for the future equals great life no really i was no talent whatsoever not giving linux jack shit oh shit gay debate! old drunk hag old lady hates her family and wants to drink alone in the daytime olivia used it to have sex with ali oma's wifes still checks ho oma=drunken deluded bastard oma=sociopathic drunken liar oma admits sucks parents penis dry oma back on the sauce oma caught lying like rqp oma could kick your ass oma finds comfort in his own rants oma has a heavy flow oma in drunken rage oma in psychological hell oma is a faggot oma is a god amongst men oma is a retard loser oma lies more than casio oma mad as fuck on codeine cough syrup oma makes fun of cosmo - is cosmo oma offers dick oma outed as lying drunken bastard oma secretly loves dick oma squats more than you oma swaps gay porn with hgh oma tries to hurt others=his life is shit oma wants to kill mangler oma was hot for beth=beth wasnt interested onday one dirty dick too many one tag retard itt onions=code word for penis online bigshots only niggers eat ranch onyx made this tag jist fer yeeewww onyx raped by a buck as a child op is a nigger pedo pedo incest cosmo penis stir fry philthy's dick inside a pussy is like a tic tac landing on a comet philthy's gf is traditional made him wait until green card came in philthy's gfs know exactly what kissing a woman must be like philthy's gfs often wonder what kissing a man must be like philthy dates girls that aren't hot enough to arouse a monkey philthy is scorned(and a fag) philthy wears the yoga pants in his relationship phithy trades green cards for rice pussy picahu planets do drugs all pokemon do pic of ali in his lean phase play drink bleach instead play eat a bullet instead play with your dead grandma post-up faggot!!! no spine to say it other than a tag probably drinking ball sack milk probably fighting about doing some drugs probably has a story about tyson too probly an oversight cuz they was doing drugs at the time probly was using hard drugs then got angry when he ran out proud drug addict is proud qhr loses 100th internet argument qrs will suck the aids right out of a cock q thinks hanging curtains is more important than saving lives record jq fucking a cougar as you cry yourself to sleep retard pedophile rev sam getting sued by his black ex wife on judge judy rizzo backpedals rizzo better sleep with both eyes open rizzo has elegant wrists rizzo has gangster jewelry rizzo is a faggot rizzo is an arm man rizzo is not quite obese rizzo likes 38 48 40 proportions rizzo loses another internet fight rizzo weighs too many pounds robert pearlman should do drugs rockhold probly did drugs too rqh=semen on pizza rqh about to pull a houdini after confronted with facts rqh admires giant cock rqh bathes in semen rqh can't tell time rqh can taste but not smell cum rqh clueless about everything but sodomy rqh drinks gallons of semen rqh eats semen sushi rqh has semen for breakfast lunch and dinner rqh is a sperm burping whore rqh is getting fat rqh lives for ball sack milk rqh mines for corn in cosmos ass rqh plays symphony on skin flute rqh prefers dick cream rqh prefers hot salsa with his semen rqh pretends to work out and makes up other fake stories rqh puts semen on his burgers rqh wishes ;) rqk conquers the gay rub drugs on ur pussystick for a magic show sad beth is gone salt-n-pepper pubes sam is an ultra racist mofo sam is a version of nigger sam knows homosexuality!! say it to my face schwing is always for sale sell the coins do drugs brah semen & salmonella don't mix semen doesn't count as spaghetti sauce semen flavored beer?? semen flavored oatmeal? semen flavored pasta??? semen flavored sorbet? semen flavored wings??? shcwing has abandoned 6 cats and 3 kids shcwing should fuck more ho memebers she kissed another guy once so her future with dk is a closed door never to be opened shing chimes in with subtle i enjoy being a whore post shit dick tonight shwing forever alone shwing has been abandoning kids and cats since 1988 shwing is the fmeale cosmo proud to be a drunk in her 40s sick-ass piss drinker smoke meth to go fast soccer mom thread so did it really happen? so it's ok someone wishes they had a gay flirt sounds gay spaghetti is code word for semen spaghetti with semen sauce spartacus wanted to climb the rep ladder so he neg repped morgue what a jabroni sphurpes spur=too small to need sleep spur hasn't been this elated since he invented the term "cosmo'ed" spur is a tiny lil darlin! spur is not a nigger spur is trying to 1 up neils tragedy to steal attention spur shops at baby gap spur taking cosmo trolling to the next level squishy has nigger sex tonight sr71 blackbird almost better than doing drugs starving for cock stilletto cock teases for 6 foot long bmt. stilletto fucks government agents for secrets stillettos gaping hole need 12 inches to fill it still wants to fuck children stroof daniels a pommy surprise surprise ty faps alone tags itt are not dk approved take me to your anus taking a break from eating semen tamoxifen is a helluva drug thanks for reminding me i'm a faggot that morgue the 1 day temp the internet doesn't give a shit either the king of poor judgment the proof is in the pudding the q and bearcat fight about cheese and then fuck the q is so hard right now the shot that momma should have swallowed the weight of neils head would collapse her lung just like her father died they probably drank jewarts root beer freakin joos those same kids are more likely to land jobs than joe the adult thread is boner city thread is untag wortht & gauche thread is untag worthy & gauche til bearfag is a total moron til oma has annoyed everyone til someone only dates 10s but pays for 5s on vacation til spur chased of double ovens too long did not care too thin for ali toothless tard tells another lie trolling former members??? trolls troll truth is causing oma to self destruct turkey bacon & swiss with mayo & semen twitter battles leave emotional wounds ty as a father lolololololololololololololololololololol ty creeps alone ty dwells alone ty faps alone in the dessert and then dies of exposure ty faps alone on a starship ty faps alone to bill shatner ty faps alone to brokeback mountain ty faps alone to dave gruhl ty faps in outter space ty faps then fips his asshole alone ty faps to plastic ty gets butt fuqd by still-he likes it. ty ignores alone ty is a pussy ty is fapping to this ty meditates alone ty might fap alone but cosmo faps w/ family ty moves to projects to avoid aws ty posts alone ty scared to death of pussy ty turns down pussy again ty turns star trek thread into anti woman thread ubersubmissive cosmo plays alpha on the internet unemployed guy brags about how rich his country is unless he pays for it but hes broke wahh wahhh wallowing in a pool of self pity was really eating ladyboy cum watch your back deep weak fattie calling out people weird another cosmo sucks at life thread we know who wears the walmart sweatpants in the house joe is squatting at welfare chili we love cawk here what is the point of this? what the fuck does it matter where you ate? where's my blood pudding? where did francis's amazing abs go? how come we never see them? wheres the popcorn? who cares? who cares?? who cares??? who gives a flying fuck who in the fuck cares??? why is everyone picking on handsome neils damn he's so hot why is everyone talking bout neil's cack will make cosmo his new bitch will never follow through on working out will not follow through will sam miss this thread? wishes he could drink beer in there wishes he could sell tyson's stuff for blow with a head like his he should put the shoe box on it women are motivated by avoiding dk at all costs women love gay dudes women hate dk won't work just sponge wont live to be 50 world of whorecraft worthless thread wow and i ain't talking world of whatsit wow youre so cool cosmo... yogurt=semen you molesting fucking liar you saw no light because you're gay you want cum in your belly zig is not getting enough compliments on the crossfit forum zigzags phone is bigger than his arm

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